11 April 2011

Ode to some lost Malabrigo

I know you're in here somewhere, inside this messy flat,
I'm bound to find you someday; you're not as lost as that.

But where you are eludes me, it's come as quite a shock,
I put you down, and now you're gone, my Malabrigo Sock!

You're meant to be a shawl, you know, purple, big and smart,
It's half-done and already it's quite the work of art.

I can't get any more of you; the shop is all sold out,
The loss of you has made me blue, I have to scream and shout!

If you want to tell me where you are, that would be so much betta',
I miss my lovely colourway: Africana Violetta!


  1. Oh, that sounds traumatic! Have some tea?!

  2. Oh no! {hugs}

    When we were kids and we'd lost something, Mam would always make us tidy up until we found it. Sometimes it took days (or seemed like it) But persevere dear, malabrigo sock is worth (almost) anything!

  3. OK, so now I have tea on my keyboard. ~
    But thanks for the laugh!

    (Hope you find the yarn tho'. Hate when that happens.)

  4. No! And I've looked EVERY-where!
    I swear, it has grown legs and has taken to hiding in a new location every hour or so. It's got to be here somewhere!!!



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