06 April 2011

Name the Shawl

I have had my nose stuck in the first sample of a new pattern for the last few days. I'm designing it with the express purpose of ensuring I look classy as all hell at a wedding I'm attending this year, and what, I ask you, is more glam than a dove-grey shoulder shawl, designed and crocheted by the wearer?

I trust this will help "dress up" whatever slightly barmy and colourful dress I end up buying for the occasion. (My mother is always so polite about my choices, but I can tell she'd rather I just found a little black dress and stuck to it!)

lace shawl, crochet lace, free pattern competition, Rialto 4-ply, dove grey

I'm really pleased with this so far, actually. The lace trim is coming out nicely in a fan shape, the picots are looking plentiful and cheerful, and the main body, once blocked will be full of holes (intentional) and will look impressive with the right shawl pin added at the shoulder. I can't wait until I get it finished and blocked. The lace just unfolds to nicely!

But, what I don't have, yet, is a name. Usually at this stage, I have it pinned down (pun, unindented, but welcome), but this is e-luuuu-ding me something awful. I'm therefore hoping that you guys have more luck with the inspiration.

As a guide; references to poetry, places and people are all welcome. Something kinda grown-up without sounding boring, is what I'm in the market for. And, of course, the winner will recieve a copy of the finished pattern, including lots of gloriously clear charts, and a pick of one of my other patterns, too*.

lace shawl, crochet lace, free pattern competition, Rialto 4-ply, dove grey

Competition will be open for one week, so tell all your friends!

*excluding those recently published in magazine-form. I don't have the rights to them back, yet...

Note: Enter as often as you like. Entries must be posted in reply to this blog post, so I can keep them all together.


  1. Ooo Pretty! It looks kinda like a frosted cobweb on a brisky spring morning.
    Hmmm so a graceful mature name to reflect this? How about:
    Yup. Classy.

  2. I'm not sure what to call it. It is hard to judge until the piece is finished completely, but I'm entering anyway!

    No Second Troy,
    Little Dream (as in "Dream a little dream of me")
    Misty Morning.


  3. Wisp of gossamer!

    From a quote by Monica Baldwin: "A wisp of gossamer, about the size and substance of a spider's web."

    The edging really does look like a spider web.

  4. Dropping Slow
    linnet's Wings
    Lake isle

    Lovely, love the colour too.

  5. This is beautiful and I can't wait for the pattern. I like the idea of this contest, but I can relate to your block. I'm usually the idea girl. It reminds me of frost on a window and water running off of a rooftop.

    How about Spring Marches In? Bells for Her?

    I'm thinking of Tori Amos for some reason. :)



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