18 April 2011

Is that a goose in your pen, or are you just quacky to see me?

Yesterday was a day as idylic as they get for me.

I took the day off crocheting (mostly) and went home to see my family on what is slowly but surely becoming a farmyard. I spent a very happy hour and a half, weeding the flowerbeds (Which, at home is called "herding the spiders" as there are so many among the stones, it seems most of your time is spent watching spiders flee, and very little time is spent actually pulling up the intermittant weedlings).

My Mam came out and helped a bit, and my cousin dropped in to say Hi to her Dad, who was helping my Dad put a stairs into the shed's loft, and she helped a bit with the weeding, too. I know, sometimes, it really feels like we're Amish or something!

But! The big surprise at home was the arrival of 6 new siblings. I am now the eldest of 9 children, with the addition of 6 fuzzy, fluffy, tweeping little goslings.

Introducing Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch:

They are farmyard geese, which, apparently means that they won't grow normally huge wings, but will be naturally small-of-wingspan, ensuring they won't fly away and get hurt on the road or anything. They currently occupy a section of the wooded copse beside my parent's house, have lots of lovely grass to run around in:

A small bath to splash in:

And a Mom, Nell, to look out for them. She's actually been very good so far. She barks at them occasionally, has had her inquisitive nose nipped a few times through the wire, but I reckon they'll all get on like a house on fire when they get the run of the whole copse:

They love, LOVE to be fed by hand. This is my gloved hand, having picked some grass at my feet. It's amazing how instantly interesting it becomes, just 'cause it's being offered. And just look at those fuzzy wuzzy little heads!

And they are as interested in EVERYTHING:

I wasn't inside the pen two seconds when they started to peck at the buckle on the side of my wellies, when I bent down, I had a goose attached to each sleeve, and a third trying its hardest to get at my hair.

So, yea, this is fair warning. I will be all about the geese for the next few months.


  1. I am perfectly okay with hearing all about geese! they are gorgeous, in a very cute & slightly comical way. Can't wait to see them all grown up.

  2. I have one thing to say to your little gosling siblings... Zabadack! (Who named them?)

  3. Siobhán, that would be my Mam. She's been gumming to name a group of animals after the band for years. Of course, we've had to split "Dave Dee"'s name up into two goslings, but I don't think they mind much!

  4. OH my god will you LOOK at the baby geese!!!! This has improved my Tuesday by six hundred percent.

  5. I am knocked over with the cuteness!

  6. They are truly the prettiest litte birdies, aren't they? They follow you everywhere, and when you leave their pen, they start this synchronised tweeting, like they're all saying "Come Back! Come Back! Come Back!"



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