26 March 2011

Join the Yarn Party!

Oh, yes! I'm now available for Crochet and Knitting Parties in your own home!

For a few bob, you can spend 2 gloriously fun hours with your friends, some free yarn, hooks or needles, lots of class notes and my undivided attention!

And the best bit? The hostess crafts for FREE!

Free materials,
Free tuition,
and Free notes!

See below for more info. : )

Learn knitting or crochet from an experienced, patient, published teacher/designer, who will take you and your friends through the basics, and teach you all the tricks you’ll ever need.- only €20 for 1st, 2-hour class per person, including materials;- or €15 per person for every 2-hour class thereafter.- Find 3 or more friends to share the class,  and the host learns for free!- Absolute Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Crafters welcome.


  1. Hey missy. I presume it's 20euro per person yes?
    Otherwise you are sorely undercutting yourself price-wise (I think it's incredibly cheap as is... you'd pay 15euro for a one hour yoga class in town.)
    You might want to add per person on the poster as some people will take advantage of the fact you don't.

  2. Absolutely right it's per person!
    Thanks for noticing that gap, eagle-eye. : )

  3. That's very exciting! Good luck on your endeavor, I'd love to be able to make a living at crochet!

  4. Congrats on your new endeavor. Sounds like a great plan and I hope that you get lots of customers!!

  5. Thanks, Julie, Cami.
    I appreciate the good wishes! I just think that spreading the yarny word around is important, and where better to do that than at a party?

    I have hosted a few with friends and family, and the amount of laughter and cheering that goes on is great. It's a really good vibe.

    And, remember guys, hosting a party makes it free for you... what's not to love. : )



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