04 March 2011

I am an awful girlfriend

This story starts in October 2009.

I was on a plane, going to a cousin's wedding in New York, and decided "I know what I'll make the boyfriend for Christmas! A scarf to go with that hat I've just finished making. Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is a lovely yarn, and it's perfect to keep my lovely man warm in the depths of our Irish winters!". Good plan, nay?

Brilliant plan. So! I brought maybe... 5 or 6 balls of Baby Cash with me, along with a 4.5mm hook, and started into a scarf, working row after row of front-loop dcs, on the bias. The scarf had to match the hat, and it had been worked in the same stitch. Clever me. I was embarking on my first ever hat and scarf set!

By the end of the plane trip, my little sister (who was very cold during the flight), was wearing half a scarf wrapped around her head, as I worked on and on and on. Then, I put it away. I had a wedding to focus on. It was only October, and sure, it's not every day I get to spend quality time with all my American cousins!

By December, through means of a lot of stealthy crochet (hiding in the bathroom, sneaky bus journey crochet, working on it during home visits), and a lo-o-ot of pushing myself to continue an ever-increasingly boring stitch, I got it done in time for Christmas. And, he was delighted! I was finished the scarf, so I was delighted too!

But, it appears, fate had other things in store for me. It seems, the twist in Baby Cash, combined with the bias nature of the stitches meant the scarf was soon not a scarf anymore, but had turned, rather dramatically into a tube, curling in on itself like a worm. And, we all know worms are not warm and cozy.

"Don't worry!" I cried, with gusto I didn't feel in my heart, "I'll fix it!"

It is at this point in the tale that I will distract you with cookies:

cookies, home-made, distraction, delicious, chocolate chip, butter, yum

So! A year and a bit later, I get a random text from the boyfriend saying "It was so cold this morning going to work. If only I had a scarf! Poor me!" which prompted me to new heights of guilt. After a bit of flailing, and a phonecall from said boyfriend to reitterate his point, I finally finished Scarf MkII.

He'll come home this evening, to a warm, soft, 6 foot 5 crocheted scarf, which doesn't curl... just in time for summer.

scarf, crochet, double crochet, linked treble stitch, brown, Debbie Bliss, Baby Cashmerino, winter, spring, summer, bad girlfriend

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  1. Just in time for summer in IRELAND. So it's a perfectly acceptable gift!



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