13 December 2010

Last second gifts.

Last night, as the boyfriend settled down on the couch to watch some telly, and recover from a party the night before, and I satisfied an over-whelming urge to bake double-chocolate cookies, he suddenly gasped "It's the 12th!"

"Yea?" I replied, unsure what important date I had forgotten this time, as I sneakily ate some chocolate chips.
"It's 2 weeks to Christmas!" he exclaimed, "I need to sort presents out!"

This revelation for a normal person will produce a large amount of stress, but for a crafter, it's positively DEFCON1. 2 WEEKS?! I'll never get presents made!

Oh, yes you will, poppet. Just look below for a few simple, fast ideas which will see you right. : )

Pot Holders:

Who doesn't need something to kitch up their kitchen a bit? This pot-holder is made from Donegal Studio's Aran Tweed, using Tunisian Simple Stitch, and Tunisian Purl Stitch. If you're determined, it takes about an hour to do, and can be impressively embellished with stars, flowers or a person's name. I have put daisies on this example, using petal stitch, french knot, and captured thread stitch. Why not make a set of three, in different colours?

Personalised wrapping paper:

Ok, so you have a gift, but it just doesn't seem to be special enough? Why not wrap it in your own hand-designed wrapping paper? I have done this for years, now. Not for MY gifts that horrible, thin paper that cheapens the look of a pretty tree. Brown paper, for me is instantly classic and romantic, and decorating it a bit by hand adds a wonderful, unique touch. Wrapped in twine, with a hand-written card and you're bound to be on to a winner.

The photo shows a potato-stamp I created with a Celtic/LaTene trinity spiral.
Last year I used christmas trees, and the year before, stars. A potato, a sharp knife or scalpel (careful!) and an ink pad are all you really need. I recommend drying the potato off with some tissue once you're done carving. The potato juice can dilute the ink a bit.

Christmas Decorations:

This cheerful little star would make the perfect gift for someone who you exchange small gifts with. It's lightly stuffed, so it's 3-D and uses only the smplest of stitches. In fact, three, in a string makes a very cheerful wall hanging, too.

Oh, yes. Toffee. I have recently discovered I can do this successfully.

All you need to be sure about is that you have a thick-bottomed pot to cook it in. Thin-bottomed pots transmit temperature variations too efficiently and will instantly ruin your toffee-plans. Try this recipe. It's my favourite. With, or without the chocolate on top, this is a winner every time.

Teddy Bear:

This bear is cute, adorable, and a day's work at most. Use thread and a tiny hook to make a mini-bear, or aran weight yarn and a larger hook, to make one suitable for a child. Remember, don't give this to a baby. Small parts may be swallowed.

More to follow over the next few days.

What plans are you making for last-minute gift? Let me know! I could use the help, too...

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  1. I want about five dozen stars to decorate my house with. I love that pattern.



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