07 December 2010

I Luv Gloves!

And 25% off is even better!

So, it has been quite the busy time here at Yarn Towers.

Between minding a total of 5 family animals, getting the book written, the editing delays and now Christmas upon us, there just seems not to be enough time to do anything lately.

So, I am resorting to making small, cute presents for friends and family. You guessed it, everyone is getting gloves!

And, since I assume you have crocheted yourself into an equally difficult corner this year, I've decided to slash 25% off the price of all my glove patterns on Ravelry until the 14th. All you need do is use the voucher code: ILUVGLOVES at check out in my Rav Shop and you'll get my glove patterns with a whopping 25% off! That's a whole quarter! Add that to the fact that gloves are always welcome this time of year and that they are small, but impressive as a gift, you'll be sorted in no time!

No stress, more savings.

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