04 November 2010

Fibre Fun Friday Celebrates its 1st Birthday!

With cake, and fancy tea and a mountain of prizes!

So, this time last year, my friend E and I were sitting in a relatively new establishment on the Quays in Dublin. It was a Tea Garden, an idea hitherto unknown to us in Ireland but, which, apparently is a well-established concept around Eastern Europe. Basically, it's a cozy, calmly-lit space in which to drink fancy teas from around the world, relax and chat.

At one point in the evening, we agreed that it'd be an ideal place for a fibre group to meet, and so, Fibre Fun Friday was born. It's hard to believe at this stage that a whole year has past since the thought presented itself, but it is so.

Of course, it wasn't as easy as all that. It took us a while to settle on a name:

Friday Fibrey Fun and Frolics, was mentioned
Friday Tea
Friday Fun Fibre Frolicking For Freedom From ... we gave up on the mass of alliteration soon after this!

But! Whatever it be called, it's an awesome group, populated by awesome people who are loud, funny as hell, wonderfully brazen, knowledgeable and kind.

Now, if all this is news to you, I suggest you check out the two competitions currently being run in the FFF Ravelry Group (Join us, too! We love new people!), and gawp over the delicious mountain of yarn on offer in the raffle. All three bunches of prizes will be given out on the night, so if you want a chance to win something delicious to fondle with your tea, then join in fun!

I look forward to see everyone there tomorrow night, from 6.30 until we're kicked out around 12-ish.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Raging I'm missing it. Can't wait to hear all the goss from the night. Happy birthday FFF!



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