11 October 2010

Yarny Happy Person.

Monday is the day of the week most of us could do with a bit of cheering up. And what better way to get that glowy feeling back after a lovely weekend than to think about yarn!

Anything will do. The smell of it, the feel of it, the million things we can do with it!

My Yarny Happy Moment this week happened when I finally got my first ever published pattern... framed. Looking at the top (that I had struggled over for aaaages) on the front cover always makes me smile.

What was your Yarny Happy Moment?
I wanna hear 'em!


  1. I went into John Lewis in Edinburgh for the first time since coming here. I normally step into my LYS (K1yarns). BUT I went into John Lewis, found the yarn section and just stood there in awe. Most people say JL's yarn is not good quality, well I don't know where they shop because i found everything from merino, alpaca, mohair, silk, cotton, linen. One thing I didn't find was acrylic... which I may have just not spotted it but every yarn called out *touch me*. I touched this one yarn I will go back and buy for a cactus I m making and it was so soft. All my restraint was put to the test but next time I am going in with some cash to burn!

  2. Hurray!
    I love finding yarn where I didn't expect it! What's the yarn you're going back for?

  3. I love it when you finally get to the end of the current WIPs (or nearly anyway) enough to go and cast on some really scrummy yarn from your stash that you've been dying to get to! :D

  4. My yarny happiness is coming from a colourful crochet sock today. I love your yarny happy moment! It's a great idea to frame it and celebrate your success in your design being on the front cover. Rock on!

  5. I invented a pattern, and actually remembered how I did it. Considering publishing the pattern on Ravelry once I get all the kinks worked out. :D


  6. I managed half a button band that I have been putting off for AGES and it seems to have worked out fine... while watching a Time Team special on Vikings (with extra very-old poo on display)

    I'm also really happy for your front cover pattern! looks great in a frame!



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