18 October 2010

Yarn Towers gets a tidy

I can see the carpet now

My nose is running a marathon, my eyes are streaming, I can't finish a single thought without - aaa-choo! - but I don't have a cold or 'flu.

Ah, it can only be one thing! I've tidied the study and the dust bunnies are out to get me with a vengence. This morning, the study reached an epic level of messiness when I couldn't lay eyes on my crochet stitch bible. Not on the bookshelf, no-where to be seen on the floor. This could only mean that it had been lifted up with a pile of other things, put down somewhere else and forgotten about.


Really, the detritus on the study floor sort of follows the same rules as sedimentary rock layers. Leave it there long enough and it'll find its own level, will become part of the landscape and won't move an inch without some outside force.

So! Out came the feather duster, open went the windows, up came all the ribbons, lost buttons, comics, half-filled notebooks with reminders to self like "dc2, not 3. NB: repeat not equal!!!" which no longer make sense, and now, finally, I have a tidy(-er) study.

where the ribbons, hooks and buttons now live

I have also retrieved not only my stitch book, but also a half-finished knitted sock, several half-concieved projects (they'll be handy later if I'm short of an idea...) and have all my yarn back, where it belongs in Yarn Towers...

yarn towers, no vacancies

And now, it's time to pull out the tea set I got for my birthday and enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea, with some chocolate biscuits. Nom nom nom.

pot o'tea, well deserved

...and chocolate shortcake biscuits

Of course, everything would be even prettier if I didn't have to share study space with a boy, but he does insist on having space to put all of his stuff, too. It's such a bother!



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