19 October 2010

Totally Winging it

A project just sort of starts to happen

Work on the ebook is proceeding at a slow and steady pace and I'm delighted that, despite all the things I'm having to keep track of, I'm not a fuzzy ball of stress yet. It's nice to know, even on this new level of activity, that crochet is relaxing, calming and enjoyable.

so soft!

And it's for that last reason that I'm being bold, taking a short break now and then to create a completely unplanned project. I'm at the stage with the gloves that I have to work on them in front of the computer, but in the evenings, I still want to settle down on the couch, feet up, shoes off and relax with the boyfriend. And at those times, there's nothing better than an easy-to-remember, repeating pattern to keep my twitchy fingers happy and fulfilled.

60% merino, 40% baby suri alpaca, 100% delicious

Hopefully, it'll grow up to be a warm shrug for cool summer nights, but might also come in handy indoors during the winter. I'm using some gorgeous, gorgeous Louisa Harding Thistle in Colour 8 (That's Blood Red to you and me), on a 4.5mm hook and I'm just working a very traditional pattern over and back, over and back for a few rows. With any luck, I'll be able to fold this strip one way or another to create a 3-dimensional garment, but if not, no worries! It'll grow up to be a pixie scarf instead.


  1. Hmmm Thistle. Such a lovely soft yarn.

  2. I know! I assumed it was way too bulky for crochet, but the airiness of the ply is really making me rethink my view.

    And it smells like heaven!



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