07 October 2010

The needle, the haystack, and the very small project...

It'd be a lie to say my apartment is the cleanest. It'd be a lie to say it's tidy. Infact, it'd almost be a lie to say that I can tell you, by looking, what colour my carpet is.

There is yarn everywhere at the moment.

That's what "working on a book" seems to do to my mind. All writing, no vacuuming; and up until this moment, the boyfriend's complaints that he couldn't find any of his stuiff under all of my stuff and the fact that not a single room could be crossed in a straight line without the possibility of walking on a crochet hook hasn't bothered me that much.

Love me, love my yarn-splosion.

But now, I can't find any of my stuff under all of my stuff!
I have a small, pink, lace-weight, half-finished glove... somewhere in here and I can't find it!


  1. Hey, that almost sounds like my house. Only add more variations on craft stuff, plus baby toys. The baby toys number more than craft stuff, and that's saying something.


  2. Yep, also sounds like my house (definitely like the spare room)!

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one with "containment issues"!



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