15 October 2010

I just don't know!

It's only words, after all

Just a quick question...

You know when you get to one of those words that you've read, you understand, but have never heard aloud before? Yea, it happens more when you're little, like the time my little sister said "Oooh, look at that tiny little cha-hooa-hooa", meaning chihauhua.

Or the day I told everyone chattering loudly in a room that I couldn't stand the "kak-a-phoney" they were making.

But, right, this is one I SHOULD know. I'm a crochet nut, so... Filet Crochet.

Do you say "Fillay", or "Fill-it"?


  1. 'fillay' you say it the french way ;)

  2. That's what I thought, but it's always good to have it confirmed, so I don't make a twit of myself.




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