21 October 2010

Hello, Kitty!

Things with ears are cuter. They just are

So, while I hardly have a lot of spare time these days, it does seem I'm getting a fair few projects done in between the work on gloves. I'm determined not to see this as procrastination, but that it is, in fact, merely my brain taking a much needed rest between busy days.

Today's little break came in the form of these cute little kitty ears! I'm such a sucker for things with ears on, as this avatar a friend made in college for me can attest...

aaah, so many years ago

Back then, the ears went onto hats, now, they go onto hairbands.

aren't they just so dinky?


  1. EARSEARSEARS!!! Ears on everything! So cute missy!

  2. Thanks! Gonna wear 'em to the party. Like they're my party ears!



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