09 October 2010

Girl can't help herself.

So, last night, at a very fun Fibre Fun Friday, I brought along ONE ball of yarn and ONE hook, to ensure I got the glove I was working on for the book...done. Which, I did.

But, then, I got bored, and having exceptionally limited resources and unwilling to start begging off my fellow fibre fiends, I began wondering what I could do with the last of the yarn and the one hook. This is the result of a very productive 24 hours.

Tullow, named after the coldest spot in Ireland this year is a crochet sock which uses a handy bit of tunisian crochet to ensure a good fit early on in the sock-making process.

I have no idea if this is a technique which I have just invented, or if it's one that's already done the rounds in the crochet sock world, but one way or another, it's new to me, and I'm very pleased. My toes are pleased, too. I am totally converted to crochet socks.


They're warm, not nearly as bulky as I'd have imagined, stretchy and so... so fast. Super fast! 24 hrs fast! Surely that's the perfect cure for 2nd-sock-syndrome...

Tullow, as with all my patterns, is available on Ravelry here.


  1. It looks so snuggly warm! And, as ever, I am in awe of your crochet skills.

  2. Lovely sock. I can't knit socks, I don't know why but whenever I do I start going crazy and end up ripping them out. I knit other things like mittens in the round on small needles and they are fine but socks drive me mad.
    I then have the problem of cold feet and hand made woolly socks seem like the perfect solution. But then I try and knit them and it all goes wrong, it's a terrible cycle :-)
    So a crochet sock seems like the perfect solution. I must learn tunisian crochet so!

  3. ...... So have you made the second sock yet?! (see, I'm Dave & you're Tom! I imagine that is something Dave might say)
    It looks lovely; I can't believe you got a whole sock out of some playing-around on Friday!



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