16 October 2010

Baz Luhrmann and the art of not crocheting...

How to crochet without yarn

So, last night I had the pleasure of driving over to a friend's house for wine (lots, red), chocolate treats (many and various) and Baz Luhrmann movies (three... not "Australia").

Now, I was told time and again as I grew up that crocheting in company is "rude", and in some cases it is. Like now. I've been invited over for a party. It'd be rude if I gave half my attention to my hook and the other half to my friends, so I left the house without (gasp?!) any yarn at all and without a single hook secreted about my person. If I were to be totally honest, and I think you, my readers deserve at least that, I'd say that on stepping out my door I felt a wave of nerves. Seriously, I was worried what might happen if I was THAT far away from my stash overnight. I took a deep breath and continued on my way, but I felt the pang, I'll tell you, of seperation from Yarn Towers.

But, I had a great night, and am a little worse for wear today which is no bad thing.

We watched Strictly Ballroom, and afterwards I wanted to crochet flowy skirts.

Then we watched happily as Romeo & Juliet made their way along their tragic path, and afterwards I wanted to make angel wings;

And finally we watched the visual extravaganza that is Moulin Rouge; and afterwards, depspite being very sleepy, I had a tonne of ideas for different corsetty tops and boleros...

So, really, despite having no yarn in my hands, I still had loads in my head, and it was so distracting! As the heroine on the screen was delivering a heart-felt speech about dancing, or love, or being an actress, I was thinking "Poor her! Life is tough when you're a - ooh! I like her top. Turn around, turn around, come on, I wanna see the back!..." etc.

Does this happen to us all?
Has not having crochet on hand ever distracted you this much?


  1. lol I always do that too when I'm watching tv or a movie! Keep an eye out for the knitted stuff, it's the most important 'actor' ;D

  2. I know! How much better does a thing get when you spy yarn? 30 Rock got ten times better when they added knitting as a joke.



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