15 September 2010

Pay It Forward

It was my birthday last week.
Hold the cheers; I'm not looking for attention!

I mention it only because my lovely boyfriend got me some very delicious Hedgehog Fibre in two beautiful colourways. Silk and Merino.


Double Yum.

Spins like a cloud and stays so soft when plied. It was placed in my fibre-hungry paws with the express understanding that anything I made out of it should be for me. No giving it away. Mine. Like I'd give luxury like that away! Ha!

He was serious about this, though. No gifting of Finished-Objects. He knows this is a thing, you see. He's witnessed me coming home from Fibre Fun Friday squealing about surprise hand-knit socks that were only my stash yarn a few weeks previously.

The practice of gifting a craft supply, having it be enjoyed, and the finished object handed on to a worthy third party, or back to the giver, is fairly common in yarny circles. Usually, it's just a token. Like, you get roving, spin it up, make something small for the gifter and keep the rest for yourself, but it's a very honourable tradition, I think.

What better way to ensure someone knows you love their present than to show them you've used it, enjoyed it and spent time making them something out of it?

It's the pay-it-forward of the fibre world and I think it shows us all for the lovely, kind-hearted souls we are! Or, is it that we're all so devious we know that giving presents to present-givers is one of the best ways to ensure future fluff gifts?

Perhaps it's a little of both...

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