01 September 2010

One, Two, Three, Elevator Music...

If you're anything like me, then you're a reasonably intelligent person ordinarily capable of counting your way well towards infinity...unless you have yarn in your hands. Then, anything after the number 4 - or 5 on a good day - is a struggle. Ask me to keep account of 23 rows of crochet, and I turn into a bit of a sieve-headed cheese brain.

I have a few ways of sorting this problem out. I will wear lots and lots of hair bobbins on one hand, transferring them one by one, row by row onto the other hand. Assuming I have 23 bobbins, a free hand means all the rows are done. But 23 bobbins can sometimes cut off the blood circulation, leading to numb fingers and an inability to crochet.
Not Cool.

So, I've made myself a row counter. Basically, a mini, portable abacus. With butterflies!

What I did:

I took a bit of string, folded it in half and tied a knot close to the fold, making a small loop.

Secondly, I threaded one end of the string with 10 red buttons. In one hole, out the opposite one to make sure they will slide back and forth, but not too loose that they'd move freely.

To the second string, I added 5 white buttons, with these pretty little butterfly beads on top.

Finally, I threaded both strings through another butterfly, knotted the ends together and slipped this butterfly through the loop to make a bracelet! I've left a long strand free to hold the bracelet in place while you move the buttons back and forth to count rows.

1 red button = 1 row.
1 butterfly = 10 rows.

23 rows! Easy!


  1. Thanks.
    It's coming in really handy the last while!

  2. I'm new to crochet and at an age where keeping count (at all) is challenging. thank you so much for providing a method to make it managable.



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