01 September 2010

Isolation + Inspiration = Inundation

So, as I have mentioned, I'm on my second doggy-minding adventure. This one has come about because a family member's a little under the weather, and the dominoes have fallen in such a way that I get to mind Nell for the week or so.

And therefore, I find myself once again, in the country, with a dog!

Until this morning, though I was devoid of internet access, and boy, was it tough. Still, as my brain slowly went stir-crazy, relying on crochet - to keep me from getting bored or frustrated with Nell's manic love of playing "fetch" - was essential. Vital, even! Honestly, without my hooks and yarn, I'm sure my teeth would have got itchy, and I'd be in a tinfoil hat right now.

To look at the kitchen here, and all the half-finished projects scattered around, one would believe I've been here longer than 4 days!

There's the test patch for a crochet heirloom blanket. Winter project, maybe? The individual motifs are at least interesting, and while this WILL get boring towards the end, it's a project that can be put away and pulled out when I feel like it over the years. No stress. No deadline. No worries.

Secondly, there's a hooded jumper I've had in my head for a while, and "discovered" myself making two days ago. Right now, I have one half of the front and a sleeve done, with a lovely raglan line up the side. It's drapey too, which is awesome. Well done, yarn!

Aaaand, I have this:

Recognise it? Yea. It's one of those projects that just has to skip the line to the front of the WIP queue. It just sailed on past the gloves, and the long-suffering projects standing, shivering in the cold outside the club. There's the pair of socks for my sister which has been waiting a... year and a half to be finished. And the scarf for the boyfriend which was part of last year's Christmas stash, and that er, OWLS jumper. Remember that? I suspect that last one will be waiting some time before it gets to boogie on down with the other FOs.

And this got me thinking. What makes a project into a queue-skipping, go-faster-stripe wearing, turbo-powered project with warp drive? For me? The conditions have to be right. I have to be just engaged and just bored enough to focus on one thing instead of the usual three or four. The yarn has to be special; Either hugely luxurious, deeply coloured or home-made somehow.

What about you? What criteria do you have to push a project to Mach 1?

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