23 September 2010

A great new resource for Ireland

When fibre-fiends the world over think of Ireland and yarn, we have found they imagine this:

Or this:


And that, it has to be said, is partly true.

I grew up in Co. Meath. Good grass in Meath. Nice rolling hills, soft rain and a decent bit of sunshine (as far as "decent sunshine" in Ireland goes...). Perfect for sheep. It was a reasonably seasonal occurance, in fact, to get a call from about a mile down the back road from our local sheep farmer asking us to step out onto the road and scare any sheep back down it who might venture onto the "main road" beyond our house. We'd all pile out with our wellies on, with sticks or bells or anything to wave and watch a flock of sheep undulating towards us before spotting us, and doing almost balletic twirls and trotting back the way they came.

So, when foreigners express dismay that the country isn't covered in about three metres of fluffy sheep, I can see why. Some parts are, and they're usually the parts that get photographed for postcards.

But, that's not the point I want to make, here.

There is a lot more to Irish fibre arts than our wooly friends and a Fibre Fun Friday regular and friend of mine realised recently that there are few, if any real resources for people wanting to get a comprehensive view of fibre arts in Ireland. In response to this, she's started putting together a blog, documenting all the yarny wanderings of us Irish craft bloggers; covering what we're all doing, blogging about, news of events and resources.

So far, I have to say I'm well impressed. It's still a work in progress, and already it's brimming with links to blogs, etsy shops and information on groups in both Dublin and Galway.

If you have a minute or two, or a million, I'd recommend a looksee and a bookmarking. Find her awesome gateway to Irish Fibre Arts here: Irish knitting and Crochet

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  1. *blushes* thanks for the praise. Don't forget it's both myself and SineadR working on this. She did most of the setup and more complicated stuff, I just trawl blogs.



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