15 August 2010

Yarn Bombing, taken to a whole new level

We've all seen the gate-cozies, Lamp-posts covered in stripey scarves, and bobble hats on Lenin statues, but these people take the biscuit. They take more than the biscuit, actually. I'd give them the whole pack.

Now, while my feelings about yarn bombing are mixed: "Oh wow, how much WORK did YOU put IN?! AMAZING", mixed with ample quantities of "Such a waste of yarn... should've just given it to me...", I still have to stand in awe of this:

I mean, don't you just LOVE the bobble on the end of the turret?


  1. What a contrast!

    You have a WONDERFUL blog! I really enjoyed poking around!

  2. Thanks, Snowcatcher!
    I hope you drop by again. : )



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