16 August 2010

UFO to the rescue!

It's not often that an un-finished project (or a UFO), can be put to good use. After all, what can you do with just the front of a jumper, or the top of a hat? But occasionally, like here, that bit of mis-shapen, abandoned crochet is exactly what you need, at exactly the right moment. So it was yesterday for me.

I have taken up an interest in fermenting my own wine. It's exciting (in a very slow way), not too expensive, and in the end you get a simultaneous sense of accomplishment and intoxication. What more could you ask from a hobby?

So, I have two, 5 litre demijons on the go at the moment. One has Rhubarb Wine in the last stages before bottling, and the other has Mead, still bubbling and fermenting away. One important point in the wine-making process is to limit its exposure to light. That said, I still need to keep an eye on it all, to check progress. With this in mind, both demijons have been gifted with that half-finished, totally abandonned, oddly-shaped bit of granny-square blanket that has been shoved around the apartment for the last three years.

Suddenly, another UFO has become an FO!

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Crochet and brewing together at last. Your wine and mead sound like they will turn out to be pretty tasty.



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