09 August 2010


So, I have been aware of Elizabeth Zimmerman for a while, now.

As a crocheter, I have never worked up any of her patterns, but I know, from sitting around chatting during a few Fibre Fun Friday sessions, that a lot of knitters whose opinion I respect, love her. To me, she seems sassy, intelligent, and above all else, immaginative, which is why I'm writing this short post.

It's her 100th birthday today, folks. I didn't know this until a few minutes ago, which makes something that happened last night seem veeeery spooky to me.

I had a dream and in it, I was mooching around a 2nd-hand shop full of musty old jumpers and thread bear skirts. Then, I saw in the window a beautiful, lacy, cream-coloured shawl/blouse thing. Really amazing work, and I asked why it was there. "Oh, that's our Elizabeth Zimmerman original. We don't sell that" came the reply.

I can't blame them. It was a treasure.

Happy Birthday, you awesome lady. And thanks for freaking me out.

How about you? How are you celebrating the First Lady of Knitting's birthday?


  1. It definitely has a meaning - that you definitely have to knit more! Hows that green OWLS coming along, hmm?

  2. Even EZ herself, poking me in the head with a pencil, repeatedly, while demanding I knit, won't result in a finished OWLS. : (



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