11 August 2010

Say Hi! to your stash.

Have you ever found yourself completely stuck on a pattern, unable to wrestle any sense from a yarn tangle, or unable to find that one ball of yarn you need in your stash? Have you, under circumstances like this, ever spoken, aloud to your yarn?

If the answer is "...yes", worry not. We've all done it at some stage.
But, I ask you, has your yarn ever spoken back?

No, I'm not fit to be tied up and left in a nice, squidgey room, I'm talking about your colour preferences. Is your stash telling you more about your personality than you thought it was? Have a good look at your stash bag, box, closet, room (depending on your ability to hoard) and see what colour pops out at you the most. Then, check below to see what that says about your own personality.

White: The purist. Especially when it comes to yarn. Undyed, sheepy goodness, with no extra complications. This indicates a person who hates clutter. White is also the colour of youth - be it physical or mental - and may indicate a certain innocence of personality.

Grrrrr, Firey! Red people are an energetic bundle of springs. Out-going, fun and a bit of a handful when they get going, Red is the colour of passion. It may also be the subconscious choice of a person who wants to exhibit these traits but may need a bit of encouragement.

Wine people are well-rounded individuals, so they are. Wine-loving people (not that kind of wine...)are likely to be Red-lovers who have experienced a few harsh lessons in life and learnt well from them. They are kind, forgiving people still posessed of a lot of life. If you know a Wine person, hang on to them. They'll be a good friend.

A very gentle colour, people who gravitate towards pink tend to need a lot of love and kindness and may react badly to harsh words. There is little passion in Pink, but a lot of love more than makes up for it.

Aren't you a dramatic imp? Life and soul of the party, Orange people have a tendancy to over-exagerate for dramatic effect. They're also unlikely to sit still for very long, always coming up with new plans and ideas. If you know an Orange person, hold on to you hats, you're in for a hell of a ride.

Wise and Intellectual, Yellow people have a good head on their shoulders and a kindly way. Ask their opinion on any subject, and they will give you a well-rounded answer, softening any harsh criticism with a plentiful sense of humour.

As you'd expect, Green people are a peace-loving bunch. They are often too kind of spirit, preferring to let someone take advantage of them before they'd think of raising their voice. Modest and trusting, Green people usually don't know how great they are.

The true grown-up of the bunch, Blue people tend to be patient, persevering, conscientious, sensitive and self-controlled. To Reds and Oranges, this may seem dull, but Blues often think through problems before they become too overwhelming, making them great advisors.

Very particular, choosey and steadfast in their opinions, Turquoise people are a mix of the best bits of Blues and Greens. They have good manners, good taste and can be very good company if you're lucky enough to pass their tests. Their sense of independence means they have few friends, but those they have will be very close, indeed.

Individuality comes naturally to the Purple person, as do a sense of wit and empathy.
Always on the look-out for that which is strange and beautiful, a Purple person may find it difficult to communicate their off-kilter ideas to some of the more grounded people around them, leading to frustration. A true artist, a Purple person is likely to reach a position of leadership.

Earthy, occasionally tactless, often struggling to get words in the correct order, Brown people are nonetheless reliable and understanding. If you ask one of these people a question, be prepared for the unvarnished truth. If your bum looks big in that dress, they'll describe how big in blunt detail! But wouldn't you rather know than not?

Grey people load on the pressure, work hard - often without notice - and will continue until the work is done. They like life to be calm and uneventful. Young grey-lovers may be super-shy and may find they can't project their personalities as well as many of the brighter colours. But still, greys get on well with most people, so if you find your stash has a lot of grey in it, why not brighten it up a bit by introducing it to some more vibrant tones?

We all have some of this in our stashes, don't we? Black hates extravagance, but manages to make a statement without all the bells and whistles. Often, Black-lovers are trying to bring some mystery to their lives. You may find, once you get to know a Black person better, that shades of other colours start showing through.

So, which are you?


  1. I'm blue and green. Actually I had to make myself buy some non bluey-greeny yarn at Knit Nation. I still ended up with a skein of green though.

    Fun post!

  2. Actually something along those lines that I was wondering about - I buy yarn in colours different to what I usually buy clothes in, and after collecting a bit of a stash, I've found that I'm starting to be a bit more brave in wearing new colours, too! Isn't it fantastic what a yarn habit does for you? :D

  3. R, why am I not Surprised?! hehe.

    Laura, it's difficult to stay away from your favourite colour, I know. Turquoise totally calls to me whenever I'm in a yarn shop.

  4. So, what does that mean when I have all the yarn in all the colors?

  5. It is terrifying how accurately purple describes me.



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