15 August 2010

Prize Time!

Well, as I watched my hit-counter slowly eek upward, I had an idea "oooh, almost 10,000 visitors!" I squeaked, "I must celebrate!" But it was not for me to celebrate alone. After all, I didn't sit there, hitting refresh 10,000 times. Time to share the joy!

As it turns out, my 10,000th visitor didn't reply to the prize post, so I have no way to signalling them out, but my 10,001st visitor did. Mayogirl! Congratulations! Please email me (my contact details are on the right, there, and let me know what two patterns you would like from my list on Ravelry. I'll send them directly to you.

Etain is the only one I can't. I don't own the rights to that again, yet.

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