06 August 2010

Mission Central

It has begun!
Step One in Operation Crochet-As-A-Job has commenced!

I've contacted all my lovely testers, who will be slaving over a pattern each, to highlight the lumps and bumps in my first, ever crochet collection. They'll be getting a written pattern, charts where I think they're needed, and a short list of questions that will help me identify what needs changing, if anything.

I have fire in my belly, now. This is happening, people! From hereon in, I will have a "Collection" to my name. This is achingly groovy to me!

And for those of you wondering if "ooooh, is that the cover?" It may be, it may not be. The problem with being both crochet designer AND graphic designer is that all the ideas keep shifting, and not a night goes by when I don't sit up in bed, wondering if this change, or that change would make it all the more awesome a project.

The goal posts may move several times before this is all in the can, as it were.


  1. I was sure I had commented on this entry already! Anyhoo, yay, so excited, can't wait to receive my pattern!

  2. I can't wait to send it!
    I'm getting a very good idea of who's at what level, so I will be blasting patterns off over the next few days.




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