26 August 2010

Hello, brick wall.

There is little in this world that I love more than walking into a yarn shop. I'm sure you feel the same. The smell of the fibres, the intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable staff wearing their own creations. It's like stepping into an Aladdin's cave and finding you're not the only Aladdin in there.

But sometimes, there's a catch. I have no doubt that any crocheter reading this has witnessed the chink in the sales assistant's smile when you mention the C-word. Honestly, I don't get it. Crocheters use more yarn than knitters per project and we tend (in general) to churn projects out faster, so why are we under-valued?

At the beginning of the summer, I started to think of doing some lovely, summery cloche-type hats in 4-ply for myself. Something nice and cheery, in bright solid colours to compliment my blonde hair, something easy to wash and that would wear well. Sock yarn would be perfect. So, I went to the nearest yarn shop to my bus stop, on the Quays in Dublin. I knew, months before that they had a whole range of solid-coloured sock yarns, but now, they were nowhere in sight.

I skipped up to a shop-lady and asked when they were expecting a new order in. "Oh, not 'til winter. No-one uses sock yarn in the summer" I was told, flat out.

"I do" I hazarded, not really wanting to turn this into a pitched battle. "I crochet using lighter weight yarns during the summer, you see and..."

Her face dropped, and as curtly as you please, she announced "Knitters only knit socks in winter"

Well, what's a girl to say to that, eh?


  1. Well now, that's just wrong. Like you said, crocheters are faster & use more yarn. As a knitter, I knit socks all year round. Plus, surely she shouldn't give a toss if you're decorating your car with it, as long as she makes a sale!

  2. Thankfully my yarns shops in Edinburgh seem to stock all kinds of yarns, most of the year. Although, most of their workshops are for knitters and all the sales people I see are knitting away. Unfortunately, this doesn't help me when I am primarily a crocheter and sometimes I need help for ideas with yarns. However, I play it one way, I pretend I am knitting my project rather than crocheting it and ask what yarn they would recommend. Fortunately, most of my yarn shops know me by now and know my bumbling explanations enough to help me find the perfect yarn (even if it isn't in their own shop, they will recommend to me where I should go).

  3. She's wrong. I'm a knitter and I finished a pair of socks yesterday.

  4. Oh wow... What a rude reaction. It's a pity that some of these places don't have some basic customer service.



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