08 August 2010

Fingers on gloves.

Do you have an opinion on this?

'Cause I'm finding it mighty difficult to justify adding fingers to a lot of my designs. I don't want to have a book full of things I wouldn't wear, and I don't wear gloves with fingers. I mean, who wants to be incapable of crocheting on a cold day?

Every winter, I make gloves, and I wear them on busses, during walks, down to the shop, and none of these activities are made any easier by making my hands clumsy with fluff.

Do you agree?
Are fingers on gloves important?


  1. I personally prefer fingerless gloves.
    However...I live in Phoenix and thus my winters are pretty much like spring to anywhere else, so...I don't know if my vote can count!

  2. Definitely think they should be an option, even if it's just the one pair you include. There are times when you want to throw snowballs after all!

    Also - what about mittens?

  3. As someone who gets mild Reynauds in the winter time fingers on gloves are a must!
    "Fashion" gloves can be fingerless and I do prefer the look of them as well as the practicality or having your fingertips free (using a camera while wearing gloves is annoying).
    As for mittens - I don't really see the point of them, unless they are the type that you can fold back the top of to expose your fingers. Then I guess they are the perfect go-between fingered and fingerless gloves.

  4. I agree with R - fingers should be an option on maybe one of your patterns. Ya know, for the one week a year we might actually have snow if the last couple of years are anything to go by. And for people who actually have a proper winter. Not that I wear them. but for that one really cold week this year I regretted not having handknit mitts in the collection.



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