03 July 2010

Spinning, Day 1

I'll be needing all your "agrees" very soon.
Like every single other spinner with a penchant for competition, a camera on hand, and an over-inflated sense of confidence, I have entered the Tour de Fleece; a great, Ravelry-wide spinning competition which, oddly enough, coincides perfectly with the Tour de France (though which got its name from which is open to debate!)

The competition is judged this year by agree clicks, largest number of agrees wins a prize at the end of each day. This is Day 1 for me: 130m of gorgeous Merino/Silk blend from our friends at Ashford. It weights 10g, and is 2-ply, so you can image how microscopic the singles were. I even scared myself a bit while working on it, it looked so fragile.

If you like, feel free to agree click me here, if you hate it, well... whisht.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! I am amazed at how fine it is! You are a great inspiration as I want to start spinning fine lace weight yarns to knit some shawls! I did click love on Ravelry!

  2. Monica, thanks! Spinning that fine kinda just happened to me as I got a bit of experience. Far as I can tell, it's all about ensuring your tension is even, so you don't "plink" by accident too often. And giving your singles a LOT of twist so they're strong.

    Keep spinning, and let me know if you're entering the Tour. I'll return the loves. : )

  3. I *love* that colour. You must knit or crochet something with it soon!



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