25 June 2010

A quick question.

Why is it soooo easy to dance your way through an improvised pattern, to know how many of what needs to go where so that the shape you imagine so clearly in your head, actually comes out as expected, but when it comes to writing the blasted thing down, it takes longer than the actual crocheting itself?

I really need to start furnishing my life with notebooks and little yellow pencils so I can't deftly avoid writing as I work on a piece.

Silly me. I have lots to learn!


  1. I think it's impossible to write an original pattern after you've already crocheted it. I stop at intervals and write, write, write. Even simple notes work well for me. Then I go back (not long after I've written the original notes) and write it all out in crochet language. Then I let it rest a long time, and try to crochet it again, and make any necessary tweaks to the language. I think that writing patterns is a lot harder than it looks! Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Cami. I'm just so lazy when it comes to taking notes. Or, I do write them, put them down somewhere and then can't find them! I just have to develop some good habits is all. : )

    You have no patterns up on Ravelry, I see. Where do you post them?

  3. You could just dictate to me and I'll write them down. ;)

  4. I'm going to be submitting to Knit Picks and see how that goes. Wish me luck!! :)

    A little tip on keeping your notes together- I have a little notebook, the size of a deck of cards, that I keep in my purse. When I'm done with some notes, I transfer them to my computer. Now if I could only remember where my pen is.... :P

  5. Good luck, Cami! The more crochet designers out there the better!

    Eimear. Don't tempt me!



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