25 June 2010

A quick question.

Why is it soooo easy to dance your way through an improvised pattern, to know how many of what needs to go where so that the shape you imagine so clearly in your head, actually comes out as expected, but when it comes to writing the blasted thing down, it takes longer than the actual crocheting itself?

I really need to start furnishing my life with notebooks and little yellow pencils so I can't deftly avoid writing as I work on a piece.

Silly me. I have lots to learn!

24 June 2010

Sometimes, it's hard not to be rude.

So, while I was happily engrosed in the business of teaching a lovely, attentive class the concept of Irish Crochet Lace last Sunday in This Is Knit, I happened to overhear a mother pointing us out to her little girl at the door to the shop. "Ah..." I thought. "Any moment now, that little lady will be hooked. She'll be interested, ask questions, her Mom will have to teach her a fibre art, and a new generatioon of creative crafters will be ensured." I felt a little smug, I don't mind telling you, that my little class should be the focus of such a monumental moment.

Then, as you'd expect, it all came crashing down horribly.

"Look..." the Mom uttered "They're knitting".

It got me thinking about Muggles' perception of fibre arts, and I have come to the conclusion, that, as a crocheter, as a lover of the hook, as a woman who can knit, but doesn't, I have been left in a position where I have two choices only and that both lead to uncomfortableness.

In this instance, I chose Option One. Ignore it. I was teaching a class. I had people ready to sponge my knowledge. To interrupt would be to let them down, so I continued explaining the awesome power of the double crochet. But it bothered me. I left two people ignorant of the differences between these two very different crafts.

But under normal circumstances, I tend to go for Option Two. Be Rude.
"Ah, knitting"
"No. Crochet. Knitting uses two or more needles. I use one hook." Now, I seem like an asshole.

"Ah, knitting. I used to do that"
"So, then you know it's actually crochet" Now, I'm a smartass.

"Ah, knitting. My Mom used to do that"
"Actually, it's crochet. Do you not knit then?" Yea, now I sound superior AND judgemental.

And my all-time favourite:
"Knitting? I didn't think people DID that anymore"
"Well, I don't. I crochet" If they're going to be rude, I have no problem returning the favour.


Bear in mind, these are all interactions I have had. Mostly at the bus stop. Mostly while trying to count stitches. But how about you? Have you ever found a way out of one of these conversations without sounding like a total arse? I'd love to know how you did it...

21 June 2010

Rose Rock

Just a quick one for today.
I have a newly published pattern, for lovers of Irish Crochet Lace on Ravelry. Check it out, if you fancy trying something new. It's completely free and looks very cheerful when finished.


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