31 May 2010

Veering off track

So, I'm glad to say life's insanity is slowly easing as I get used to the hectic life I now lead as a wage-earning, tax-paying, productive member of society, but I can't help but look back wistfully at my year of productive unemployment. Sitting on the couch; watching Fraiser, House, The Tudors (don't you just LOVE the costumes?.), How I Met Your Mother; a cup of cooling tea by my side and no pressure but the pressure I pile on myself. Ah! to make a career out of crocheting, designing and teaching! I know for a start that no matter how much I love a thing, my mind wouldn't be able to focus on just it, and it seems that I'm a mule when it comes to deadlines. How do I know this? Evidence! Lots and lots of recent evidence!

So, I think I have decided, among much else, to design in my own time from now on. Supply my own materiels, publish my own work and generally use my skill as a cottage industry. This way I can ensure my patterns are written in my own time, and I can work on them 'til I'm happy with them, safe in the knowledge that I have all the time in the world to get them juuust right.

1 comment:

  1. Whatever makes you happy, and gives you quality of life (as long as we keep getting trendy crochet patterns please!!). Haven't seen you in aaaaaaaaages, got to catch up soon!



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