31 May 2010

Veering off track

So, I'm glad to say life's insanity is slowly easing as I get used to the hectic life I now lead as a wage-earning, tax-paying, productive member of society, but I can't help but look back wistfully at my year of productive unemployment. Sitting on the couch; watching Fraiser, House, The Tudors (don't you just LOVE the costumes?.), How I Met Your Mother; a cup of cooling tea by my side and no pressure but the pressure I pile on myself. Ah! to make a career out of crocheting, designing and teaching! I know for a start that no matter how much I love a thing, my mind wouldn't be able to focus on just it, and it seems that I'm a mule when it comes to deadlines. How do I know this? Evidence! Lots and lots of recent evidence!

So, I think I have decided, among much else, to design in my own time from now on. Supply my own materiels, publish my own work and generally use my skill as a cottage industry. This way I can ensure my patterns are written in my own time, and I can work on them 'til I'm happy with them, safe in the knowledge that I have all the time in the world to get them juuust right.

03 May 2010

You may have notice a sudden and complete lack of chatter from me these last few weeks (or possibly months? God, has it been that long?), but I'm happy to report that it was a necessary, and all-together sudden, self-imposed ban.

You see, I got a job. Hurray!
After a year or so scrabbling about in the unemployed ether, I got myself a graphic design job in the city centre. It's a very tough slog, very busy from start to finish, so by the end of the day I have about enough energy to hug my boyfriend and snuggle in for an hour or two of dozing before I go off to bed.

(Between you and me, the laundry really started to pile up in those early days, and I'm pretty sure most of my family forgot what I looked like.)

I'm hoping this madness will start to ease as I get used to the manic pace in work, but it does mean that all extracirricular activities had to be pushed aside and trust me, after a year of having the luxury to work at my own pace on any number of live crochet projects, suddenly being confined to working on them on the busride home, was a bit of a shock.

I swear, at the start, I was actually thinking of quitting my job since it got in the way of my past-times!

But at least, as ever, crochet has kept me sane, and seeing my fibrey friends on the very occasional time I make it for a decent stretch to FFF has been lovely, and with a bit of luck I'll be able to post here, see them more, water the balcony garden, design at my own snail's pace, and still make it into work on time from here on in.



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