28 March 2010

Meet Surrey

Isn't he just so darn cute?
Don't you just wanna snuggle him up and keep him safe?

I think he ate all my cake...

No? Just me then?

Well, either way, he's my newest creation, a little pattern available on Ravelry for a fiddly dollar.

I made this one out of some lovely roving, given to me a few months ago by E, who is now getting it back, in the shape of this little, bitty mouse. I know he'll find a good home with her, and will probably end up all snuggled up in her stash.


  1. I keep meaning to take the time to write a big and proper response to one of the places you have posted this cutie... but that's not gonna happen! this little mousie makes me smile:) thank you!

  2. He's adorable - I must make one soon!



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