02 March 2010

Homespun Goodness

what a suitable bowl!

This is my spinning from Sunday Spin-In in the Powerscourt Centre, (you my have guessed...) last Sunday.

It's Dublin Dye Company, woolen roving. It was smooth, super easy to spin up and has come out super-warm and airy. I'm very pleased!

I got about 250 yards out of it, 4-ply/DK weight. Suggestions welcome (crochet or knit...) for what it should grow up to be.


  1. Beautiful.

    And I do love that bowl.

  2. Thanks, Laura!
    I think I actually squeeked when I saw it in Cleary's, in Dublin, a while ago. I also have a cow and a pig bowl, but they're not so good for modelling yarn!



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