28 March 2010

Meet Surrey

Isn't he just so darn cute?
Don't you just wanna snuggle him up and keep him safe?

I think he ate all my cake...

No? Just me then?

Well, either way, he's my newest creation, a little pattern available on Ravelry for a fiddly dollar.

I made this one out of some lovely roving, given to me a few months ago by E, who is now getting it back, in the shape of this little, bitty mouse. I know he'll find a good home with her, and will probably end up all snuggled up in her stash.

14 March 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

Mums are some of the best people around. I know mine is.
I'm sure yours is, too. As a species, Mums are more selfless, loving, infinitely strong and huggable than any other. Sometimes, they can even seem like saints, so it's only fitting that they get a day all of their own.

My little gft to Mums today is to have an impromptu competition. If you'd like a chance to win all of the patterns I have for sale on my website, for your Mum, or you (if you are a Mum), or your Dad (if he crochets), or your sister, brother, cat... just leave me a comment below.

After 24 hours, I'll pick a winner out of a hat, and announce it here.

Good luck!

02 March 2010

Homespun Goodness

what a suitable bowl!

This is my spinning from Sunday Spin-In in the Powerscourt Centre, (you my have guessed...) last Sunday.

It's Dublin Dye Company, woolen roving. It was smooth, super easy to spin up and has come out super-warm and airy. I'm very pleased!

I got about 250 yards out of it, 4-ply/DK weight. Suggestions welcome (crochet or knit...) for what it should grow up to be.

When working a band of either front- or back-loop stitches, make sure you work both loops into the last stitch on every row. This won't effect your ribbing all that much, but it will strengthen your edge considerably.

Down to Earth

I just got a bit of lovely, kinda secret crochet-related news.

Feeling chuffed with myself, I told the boyfriend. "Oh, you're becoming a bit of a celebrity" he said with a bit of a grin. "Hah, like a super-minor one, if anything" I reply, with tasteful humility.
"You're not a miner, you're a crocheter"...

Nothing like a boyfriend to keep your feet on the ground!


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