22 February 2010

Well, don't I feel chuffed!
Thanks to whoever nominated me, and the best of luck to all my other fibre-related friends:
Aran Brew
Half a Dream Away
This is Knit
She Knit Up that Ball
Knitting Neels
(Have I missed anyone?)

I love the fact that there are so many fibre- and craft-related blogs on that specialist list. Maybe, with a bit of luck, next year will include a category all of our own?

A big thank you, too, to the sponsor of the Specialist Blog Category IQ Content without whom I'd not have a category to sit in.

I'll have to give my blog a new "do", now, tomake it fancy enough for the masses to bother looking at... wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations! It's great to see so many knitty and fibre related blogs on there. I must go check them all out. The list is a great way to find new blogs, I just discovered the Crafty Team Ireland blog which is great. My wallet may not be so convinced though.

  2. Hey missy! I like the new "do"! I works really well with your website. Also you may remember a while back I was wondering what category your blog might fit into ... dodido... hee hee.

    I think the two splashes on the top right hand side look rather nice up there!

  3. heheh, well, thank you! I feel ike I'm in the elite, now. : )

    We'll have to get you to come along to a Fibre Fun Friday, Danielle. Fancy tea, learning a new skill, free biscuits, lovely people... what's not to love? : D

  4. Free biscuits?!? Why do you get free biscuits? I LOVE the biscuits at the tea garden!

    p.s. you deserve the nomination.



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