26 February 2010

Puppy Party - Good For The Soul

Today, I was lucky enough to be invited by my Mam to an Irish Guide Dog's Coffee Morning to raise funds for the Puppy Walker programme. We had the lovely Ozzy in tow. We had a hell of a time finding St. Gabriel's Community Centre, mostly because the address we'd been given was way off, but eventually, we made it, stepped in and, literally, were confronted with a (...and I can't emphasise this enough...) a wall of puppies! Wagging tails, wet noses, floppy ears, all sizes, all mixed breeds, all straining to say Hi to each other. The noise was tremendous, but it put an instant, and I suspect reasonably permament, smile on my face. My God, they looked so happy. Into the middle went Ozzy, barking away, sniffing every bit of fur he could get his nose at and licking every hand in range.

Really, you could tell he was the country puppy in the mix, a little dazzled by the sheer volume of "dog" around him!

He met his sister, Ojo, who was a fair bit smaller than he was. He's the one with the lively red bow on his collar, she's the one with Ozzy in her ear. They got on great.

Here he is, modelling the latest in Guide Puppy fashion, with his little friend (who's name began with a T... "Tango" or something like that):

Then off he went, tangling himself up in countless other mirror-images.
Here he is, getting to know two other pups around his age, Tango in tow:

I'd have tried to get puppy names, but for the most part, the dogs were done with each other before the owners got to say Hi, so it was all a bit mad.

After fifteen minutes, he'd had enough, and was more than happy for me to kneel down between him and the puppy meleƩ in the centre of the room. So, the three of us crossed the road, and had lunch. Look how good he was while we ate our food.

He really is going to make someone an amazing guide dog some day.

This Puppy Walking scheme is a great idea, giving all the pups involved a happy, family start in life and allowing the general public to help out in what would otherwise be a very specialist area. It's well worth passing a few bob on to if you have it to hand.


  1. you're right - instant cheer factor! LOVE him - can't get over how big he has grown.

  2. Wow! Was listening to the story of such a dog on RTE Radio 1 this week and couldn't help welling up hearing about the amazing difference they make to people's lives. Well done to you for being involved. I wish I could do likewise, but I know my two bold pooches would lead the most well-intentioned dog astray. Thanks for the link to donate.

  3. aww puppypuppypuppy!!!

    I'm reading an AMAZING book right now called "The Other End Of The Leash" ... if you're mum hasn't read it she should. It's really interesting, a fun but informative read and anyone who likes dogs, owns a dog or even thinks of dogs should read it!

  4. Zita, you're very welcome. Thanks for clicking it. : )

    Danielle. I'll have to borrow that book from you. It sounds good.



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