22 February 2010

Darn It!

As I sat last night, on the couch with the boyfriend beside me watching The Secret of Kells (yea, I know, how Oirish were we?) I heard him harumph. Turning to him with an up-raised eyebrow, he explained that his favourite socks - the ones currently on his feet - had holes in them.

"Gimme them and I'll darn them up."

Half an hour later, the three vents - two toes and a heel - had been patched up, were back on his feet and the world continued along as normal, with one of its inhabitants possessed of slightly warmer feet and another infused with a feeling of slight smug superiority.

It got me thinking about the mentality the majority of us have these days. That horrible knowledge that often it's cheaper to buy a new thing than to get the old one repaired. It's easily one of the more baffling thruths we live with. We're just adding more and more junk to our own corners of the world. Things get cheaper "because we only expect them to last a year or so, anyway...", break easier and get replaced again.

I mean, the socks I fixed last night were a pair from Dunnes or Penneys. No big deal, cheap as chips - cheaper, probably. But that's not the point. The point is that in fixing the pair at hand, I learnt again to appreciate one of the small things in life that we take for granted. Where would we be without cozy socks? We'd be a lot grumpier for one thing...

So, go on, show your old, well-worn socks some love. Darn them up nice and cozy.

This is a handy little video I found on youtube. The lady uses a "mushroom", but I've had good results with a wineglass (for the sock, not me), sliotar, or just using my hand to keep the sock taut from the inside.


  1. That's for this post and especially for the news that you darned three holes in 30mins. I have a mental block about darning. I've put so many pairs out of circulation by now, it's getting ridiculous. Hearing that it's not such a big deal will help me get over some level of inertia.

  2. A wineglass, lol! I can think of a slightly better use...

  3. I don't think I'd like a mushroom in my socks. Even if it's just a "mushroom" (whatever the heck that is).

  4. dmaxi, I'm lucky that I actually quite enjoy darning. I think it's genetic; my Nana loves to darn, too. If you can't drum up the enthusiasm for the act of darning, just imagine all the coziness you'd get for a tiny bit of work. It's like getting new socks in a fraction of the time!

  5. Rose Anne, I agree! The wineglass can be washed and used for a celebratory drink afterwards...

    Aileen. I reckon it's some sort of darning aid, but I agree. Socks and fungus don't mix...



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