17 February 2010

A breath of Spring

I've said it many times before. I love living in Ireland. I love the washed-out quality of the light in winter, the golden glow in autumn, the smell of green in summer, and the promise of great things that a splash of growth can bring in spring.

I also adore how each season lasts just long enough and changes right at the moment when you would have gotten sick of it; bringing newness, no matter what the time of the year.

All this leaves me giddy every time I spot a new sign of the season to come. Right now, I have two, tiny buds on my raspberry bushes, one tomato seed has germinated on my windowsill, surrounded by the plants that have over-wintered indoors.

I have flowers on my wild strawberries:

Crocuses basking in the mid-day warmth:

And, snowdrops peeking over my hanging baskets:

Summer will be with us soon, and likely it'll be a soft, slightly soggy affair, but you know what? I don't care. Sun is over-rated!

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