12 January 2010

Captain WIP to the rescue!

If you're anything like me, start-itis is a feature of every waking moment of every day. You walk by someone on the street, think "ooh, I like her hat..." and before you know it you've been in and out of a yarn shop, have picked up yet another 3.5 mm hook, some yarn, and you have a small section of hat done...

I do this way too frequently, so it's nice to know that sometimes, start-itis can be a boon. Like yesterday; my boyfriend brought home a lovely new mp3 player for himself, and discovered that despite its huge memory, and myriad fancy functions, that the pack failed to contain a cover to stop its touch screen from being damaged. My first thought naturally, was to rifle through my stash-memory to see what I had in order to make a cozy. Start-itis in action, if you will. And then I remembered, "hadn't I started a new pair of Oxidises in green a while back?" and "wasn't it languishing around un-finished?" The answers were "Yes", and "Yes, indeed". So, the half-finished glove suddenly became a finished mp3 cozy, complete with fastening button.


That's another project cheated off my WIP list and onto my FO list.
And I'm unashamed of my sneaky ways...


  1. Love those colours, very pretty. What yarn did you use?

  2. Thanks. It's actually my go-to yarn; Freedom Spirit by Twilley's. I have a whole box full of it in different shades.

    I'm going to felt it down a bit, so it fits properly, it's a little roomy at the moment.

    I hope it doesn't lose too much of its lovely ribbing...



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