16 January 2010


I'm sitting here, poised on the cusp of starting to write out a pattern (which, anyone who knows me can tell you, is a very dangerous position for me to be poised on. I can so easily fall off the cusp and never make it back on again) which will hopefully feature in a magazine soon, but I have suddenly realised that while I can work linked crochet stitches with my eyes closed, I've never set those same eyes on the actual symbol, so I'm putting it out there:

Does anyone know what a linked treble stitch symbol looks like?
I'll have to make one up if I can't find out, and that can only lead to confusion down the road.


  1. I've no idea what 'linked' treble stitches are. I've had a wee look at my crochet instruction book and it gives symbols for a 'cluster' of 4 treble stitches. probably not what you're looking for.

  2. Book also says 'there is no worldwide standard' so that may just encourage you to make one up after all!

  3. hehe. Clusters, as you rightly point out are different things. Thanks, though.

    I'll show you how to link a treble when next I see you if you like. It's really lovely. I taught Siobhán last night.

  4. oh me me me! I know this!
    It's like a standard treble symbol but with a flick in it - like it's sticking it's hip out to one side. The only reason I remember is when they're in a line it looks like they're dancing!
    Rubbish description I know. I'll see if I can find a pic.........

  5. Ooh, thanks, Token! I love your description. Trebles dancing? Who doesn't like to imagine that!

  6. ok I did this in paint so don't laugh I've no idea how to link this but it's on photobucket and heres the web address.




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