13 January 2010

It's funny to me...

I read a lot of blogs, crafty and otherwise.
I can't admit to remembering much of what I read, but I've noticed something peculiar; ... now that the Irish Blog Awards 2010 Nominations have started, everyone's going about sprucing up their blogs!

It's like a spring-cleaning frenzy has overtaken the Irish blogosphere. You'd swear the Taoiseach was coming 'round for tea, as we all go about in a whirlwind of fluffing cyber-pillows, and repainting the walls.

So, world, don't let all this fuss be in vain. Nominate your favourite blog [or seven] today! I've submitted my list. : )


  1. Ooh I promise I did mine because of the new year! Brownie's honour!

  2. Haha, well, it's blogosphere-wide. We're all at it in one way or another!
    I believe you, though... a bit. : P

  3. Heh, i've seen at least one facelift and can't deny thinking about doing the same myself! Would you think of going to the awards itself in Galway? It'd be nice to get a crowd of fibre fun people there :D

  4. Y'know, Julie, I actually would consider going, as long as I had someone to cheer for : )

  5. Ha! My blog is being redesigned by a friend of mine but the process started in october so when it changes that's the reason. My friend who is doing the blog design is a web designer and he was at the blog awards last year and said they were great fun. I was long listed last year but I left it too late to get tickets. I'm hoping to go this year though.

  6. How do I vote for you missy? What category? Special interest? Newbie?

  7. Thank you for the nomination, Pihjin. : )
    I guess "special interest" or "arts and culture"? I'm honestly not sure... They have no "crafts" category, so I'm stumped.

    You can vote for other blogs in other categories, too, in case you don't know. Make lots of people's day. : D

  8. Yes now I've gone to vote for my favourite craft/fibre based blog I noticed a distinct lack of fitting category. I think we should make some noise about that pending next year's awards... until then, it'll have to go under 'specialist' i suppose.



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