13 December 2009

This is Ozzy...

Ozzy is a 7-week old Lab/Retriever cross who will grow up to be the handsomest guide dog in Ireland. (everyone say "aaaaaaw")

My parents have taken him in for a year to socialise him and teach him good doggy manners before he goes off to become a fully-fledged guide-dog-in-training. The programme is called "Puppy Walking", and over the next year my parents will be required to bring him on busses, into cafes, get him used to traffic, teach him not to jump up on people, and in general make him into a happy, well-rounded pooch.

This is him, looking all proud of himself in his puppy-sized uniform, with our other dog, Nell.

And yes, he IS named after Ozzy Osbourne.
Rock on little puppy!


  1. naaaaawwww! Super cuteness!
    I want to pet him!

  2. There isn't a single part about this post that I don't LOVE! Puppy in training, the uniform, named after Ozzy (hopefully Sabbath-era?) and general cutie-pie puppiness! How is Nell coping with the newcomer?

  3. He's so adorable. He totally will be the most handsome guide dog when he grows up. Hope he settles in well and that he and Nell get on well.

  4. heh, Danielle, I get to pet him all the time! He smells of warmsoft.

    Eimear: Definitely Sabbath-era. Anythign less, and I'd send him back, no matter how cute!

    Laura: Luckily, Nell's a very gently lady, so she's being very patient, and even playing with him every few hours. But, she's not afraid to put him in his place. She is queen.



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