26 December 2009

Stephen's Day

The turkey is now half the size it was yesterday, the ham is tiny, there are few roasties, no gravy, the marrowfats died a death, and we're done with sprouts for another year. Paper lies in corners where it was flung with present glee and the family, my family; my Mam, Dad, little sister and two dogs all settle down to the calm after the storm.

I love Christmas Day, the work that goes into feeding 10-14 people, setting the table, peeling a mountain of spuds, greeting everyone as if I haven't seen them in a year, welcoming new people to our day, the games, the craic and above all the happiness knowing that hand-made gifts are really appreciated.

"I got a hand-made Aoibhe original!" my cousin squealed as I handed her a neck-warmer made with silk, merino and alpaca.
That, above all made my day.

I hope you all had as magical a time as I did.

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