30 December 2009

Mobius help

Ok, so Mobius has caused a few people headaches. I just want to say thank you to the few people who contacted me about this. I hope this helps!

The crochet language I use in this is in UK. I got nervous and forgot to translate to US while filming. The "treble 10 together" I mention is a "double 10 together" in the US version of the pattern. For further translation help, I have this, which may be useful.

Also, my voice isn't normally as grumbly as this. I'm just after a cold, so I'm still a bit froggy.


  1. I have a question! I'm confused on how it's supposed to look like a figure 8. Mine just looks like a sort of wavy circle. Is that still ok? I'm on #7 in the instructions.



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