08 December 2009

Christmas Market

My aunt is one of the organisers of a lovely little market on the outskirts of Navan, in Co. Meath, in a village called Wilkinstown. I've always loved visiting her. The area is covered in nature, fields brim with potatoes, wheat, horses, and, at the moment, floods. It's peaceful, remote, heaven for me, really, so when she asked if I'd be interested in opening up a stall at the local market in the run-up to Christmas, I jumped at the chance.

My first week was last Friday, and I sold out of neck-warmers, and a fair few crochet christmas decorations found new homes, too. I have no photos for the exact same reaosn that I forgot to bring a float of change, and paper bags: rookie nerves.

But, I'm back again this Friday, looking forward to selling some felted bowls (well shorn...), ear-warmers, and other lovelies.

If you happen to be in the area, the market's open in the town hall (indoor, don't ya know...) between 9 and 1. Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh wow, well done you! You'll be on Dragons Den next with your entrepreneurship :D

  2. hehe. I can see it now "let me present... my sooper-de-dooper self-crocheting hook!"

  3. Aww missy I didn't know you'd started all ready - congrats on a great first day!
    I'm in work this Friday so I won't make it out :(



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