30 December 2009

Mobius help

Ok, so Mobius has caused a few people headaches. I just want to say thank you to the few people who contacted me about this. I hope this helps!

The crochet language I use in this is in UK. I got nervous and forgot to translate to US while filming. The "treble 10 together" I mention is a "double 10 together" in the US version of the pattern. For further translation help, I have this, which may be useful.

Also, my voice isn't normally as grumbly as this. I'm just after a cold, so I'm still a bit froggy.

A helping hand

A few people have come to me looking for a bit of help with the unorthodox method I used to finish off the Mobius pattern, and while it's fairly straight-forward, it seems it's a doozy to explain in words, so, I've recorded and uploaded a video of the method - recorded this morning while the rain and wind beat against the wndow - and will be posting it here in about an hour.

26 December 2009

Stephen's Day

The turkey is now half the size it was yesterday, the ham is tiny, there are few roasties, no gravy, the marrowfats died a death, and we're done with sprouts for another year. Paper lies in corners where it was flung with present glee and the family, my family; my Mam, Dad, little sister and two dogs all settle down to the calm after the storm.

I love Christmas Day, the work that goes into feeding 10-14 people, setting the table, peeling a mountain of spuds, greeting everyone as if I haven't seen them in a year, welcoming new people to our day, the games, the craic and above all the happiness knowing that hand-made gifts are really appreciated.

"I got a hand-made Aoibhe original!" my cousin squealed as I handed her a neck-warmer made with silk, merino and alpaca.
That, above all made my day.

I hope you all had as magical a time as I did.

13 December 2009

This is Ozzy...

Ozzy is a 7-week old Lab/Retriever cross who will grow up to be the handsomest guide dog in Ireland. (everyone say "aaaaaaw")

My parents have taken him in for a year to socialise him and teach him good doggy manners before he goes off to become a fully-fledged guide-dog-in-training. The programme is called "Puppy Walking", and over the next year my parents will be required to bring him on busses, into cafes, get him used to traffic, teach him not to jump up on people, and in general make him into a happy, well-rounded pooch.

This is him, looking all proud of himself in his puppy-sized uniform, with our other dog, Nell.

And yes, he IS named after Ozzy Osbourne.
Rock on little puppy!

11 December 2009


More on this gorgeous little puppy, tomorrow:

This little piggie...

So, today was market day.

My checklist was thus:
Remember bags. Yup
Remember tree for crocheted decorations: Indeed
Remember crochet: Check
Get Float: You betcha
Fairy Lights and extension lead: Acknowledged
Get a good night's sleep: hehehehehehe... sure.

Last night, my very occasional issue with insomnia became a full-blown battle, and I'm still not sure which of us won. I was due to be up at half six, to make sure I had time to eat, wake up properly, get everything into the car and drive up to Wilkinstown. By three I was tossing, turning, and despairing.

So, I got up, had a tantrum in front of the boyfriend, who stays up all hours, ate some chocolate hobnobs and a glass of milk and went back to bed. I'm not sure if it was the venting, the hugs, sedatives in the milk, or the oatey goodness, but it worked! And three-and-a-half hours later, I was up, out and driving to market a little worse for wear, but at least on the right side of a night's sleep.

That's the view I got of the sun coming up as I drove north. It helped me feel no so wretched.

So, I get in, set up my table full of:
Donegal Tweed Coasters

Ear Cozies

Felted Bowls:

Stars and Angels for kwismis twees

And a few other things I had made only one version of. With the tree lights on, it all looked very festive. Unfortunately, the day was bitterly cold, and the usually busy little market was duller than my senses at the time. So, all in all, I came out at a loss, since I bought lovely mince pies from the baking counter.

See the expression on Anna's face? Yes, it was THAT cold and quiet.

But, on the upside, I did have some bartering fun! I got some of these tiny little robins in exchange for an angel I was just finished making at my table. These little guys saved the day for me.

Back again, next Friday. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

08 December 2009

Christmas Market

My aunt is one of the organisers of a lovely little market on the outskirts of Navan, in Co. Meath, in a village called Wilkinstown. I've always loved visiting her. The area is covered in nature, fields brim with potatoes, wheat, horses, and, at the moment, floods. It's peaceful, remote, heaven for me, really, so when she asked if I'd be interested in opening up a stall at the local market in the run-up to Christmas, I jumped at the chance.

My first week was last Friday, and I sold out of neck-warmers, and a fair few crochet christmas decorations found new homes, too. I have no photos for the exact same reaosn that I forgot to bring a float of change, and paper bags: rookie nerves.

But, I'm back again this Friday, looking forward to selling some felted bowls (well shorn...), ear-warmers, and other lovelies.

If you happen to be in the area, the market's open in the town hall (indoor, don't ya know...) between 9 and 1. Hope to see you there!


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