27 November 2009

I've heard of "Shaving Bowls", but I'm not sure this is what it means!

I've been having a lovely relaxing morning. I got two invitations to birthday parties, got a reminder from my aunt about next week's Navan Christmas Market, which I will be having a crochet stall in (more on that in the coming week...), and spent most of the morning working on flowers to use as embellishments...

I have also been working on some lovely felted bowls for sale, which I expect to be used for holding keys on hall tables, or hair clips in bathrooms. I have made each one simply, using Noro Kureyon, letting the gradual colour changes do the work for me. I know, looking at other projects done in this yarn, that is felts really well, but after the first run in the washing machine (I have a front-loader), they looked good, but it became clear that a second run would be more than necessary.

So, in they were bunged...

..and they came out fuzzier than a newly coiffed poodle!

I can't sell furry bowls! The fluff would get everywhere! The downy layer hid the beautiful, subtle tweedy bits in the yarn! "This won't do!" I exclaimed to no-one in particular "I'll have to shave them!"

You have no idea, until you try, how much fuzz comes off a shaved bowl.

1 comment:

  1. I like the bowls so much, flick! and #1 son had to be educated on felting because of the shaving and I was laughing and he likes to participate.



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