12 November 2009

I'm having a great day!

You know when you have one of those days where everything seems to go right, even if it's full of little hiccups? Yea, one of those perfect days that just has you thinking "that was nice" from one end to the next? Yea, I'm having one of those.

I woke up early, had a lovely shower (which we already had hot water for, meaning I didn't have to wait for it to heat up...which was nice), taught a very fun crochet class inside in This Is Knit with three naturally talented beginners (who made teaching them very easy...which was nice), bought some lovely Noro Kureyon, for playing with (which is ALWAYS nice), gave directions and then brought a foreign gentlemen to the train station (which was nice...of me), got home on a bus that was just waiting for me to step on at my bus stop (which was nice), found a €20 note all alone with no owner in sight on the path (...you guessed it, it was nice), stepped in the door, checked Ravelry's Inside Crochet Magazine Group to see that the preview photos for the upcoming issue had been posted, and that my Dragon Skin Gauntlets looked particularly nice in the photo.

Well done photographer!

I'm so looking forward to seeing these in print. The issue will be in shops in the UK around the 20th November, but it's also going to be available by post by contacting Inside Crochet (I think), and here digitally.

This is the second pattern I've had published by Inside Crochet, the first being Rapunzel, in the summer issue.


  1. That does indeed sound like a lovely day. I like it when it all goes well like that.
    Those gloves look terribly pretty. It's a real pity we can't get Inside Crochet here. I got the issue with your other pattern in it when I was in Scotland though.

  2. Thanks, Laura!
    I didn't know that. : )

    I know there was talk of Eason's stocking it, but I'm not sure what became of that plan. I'll nip in next week and find out.

  3. I found your blog kind of by accident -- someone mentioned Julia Vaconsin on ravelry, I looked up one of her designs online which appeared in a magazine I hadn't heard of, checked out the other projects in the magazine, then found these beautiful gauntlets. Thank you for sharing them, and your thoughts on your blog. It's beautiful, too. And I'm glad you had a great day.

    Oddly enough my local yarn store is named Thread Bear. :-)
    Anne (in the middle of the midwest in the U.S., where 8 out of 10 people would choose your name over their own, and 10 out of 10 wouldn't have a clue how to pronounce it)

  4. Thank you so much, Anne! What a lovely reply to find right before I toddle off to bed. : )

    I hope you get a chance to make my gauntlets if you get your paws on a copy of the magazine. I really love to see what people think of my finished designs.

    (I totally agree about Julia Vaconsin's latest design in Inside Crochet. I'll definitely be making that when I get my copy!)

    And, hehe, for the record, my name is pronounced AY-vah. Trust me; it makes sense in Irish.

  5. I just finished making my pair of Dragon Gauntlets a couple of weeks ago. You can view pictures here if you're interested: http://cthulhucrochet.blogspot.com/2010/01/dragon-gauntlet-gloves.html

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pattern!



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